Who is SABA?

The SABA Executive Committee (EXCO) is an elected body of executives chosen to manage the affairs of SABA.

They promote, co-operation between South Africa Bonsai and Associated arts and International Bonsai, irrespective of race, colour, creed or national origin for the purpose of improving the art, skills and image of Bonsai.

They serve as the official accredited representative of members in matters of national and international concerns and to nominate a person or persons to act as representative(s) of the Association.

They promote and provide information on Bonsai through activities such as symposia, conventions, demonstrations, workshops, newsletters, magazines, websites and other meetings.

The National Convention is hosted by an affiliated member club under the auspices of SABA.

They are responsible for the definition, maintenance and implementation of Bonsai policy for South Africa.

They honour the autonomy and undisturbed identity and authority, of all member clubs. They maintain SABA’S image locally and internationally.

The 2017 – 2019 SABA EXCO Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plan
  1.  Vision – 

    1. Become recognised as a significant world association (artists and material) and make a positive contribution to developing bonsai in South Africa. 

  2. Mission – 

    1. To represent, promote and unite all bonsai and associated arts, clubs and associations, to the benefit bonsai in South Africa. 

    2. To create a platform for, representation, promotions and unification of all bonsai clubs, to develop, train and nurture clubs, artists and bonsai in South Africa into a world leading organisation by gaining world recognition for South African styles, artists and trees.

    3. To keep the Constitution current and updated.

  3. Objectives by end 2019

    1. To formalise nomination, voting and election procedures

    2. To develop transparent and fair participation in Social Media Engagement, New Talent competitions and Lifetime Achiever awards.

    3. To increase club participation 

    4. To increase SABA memberships by 5% per year.

    5. To host an African convention (ABC5) every 4 years.

    6. To host of a National convention each year (mini and major alternative years)

    7. To introduce and establish SA styles as world recognised styles.

    8. To increase participation in the New Talent competition which is held a regional level and finally at National level.

    9. To standardise judges, and judging formats

    10. To update the logo

    11. To review the Constitution

  4. Strategies

    1. By developing clear nomination, voting and election protocols

    2. By consulting and developing Social Media Engagement, New Talent and Lifetime Achiever protocols

    3. By affording non-SABA members an opportunity to join SABA as individualsor SABA affiliated clubs

    4. By creating a division for workshops, working groups, social clubs, ie Ballito (fledgling clubs)

    5. By exposure via TV, media, social media

    6. Drawing up policies for New Talent judging, etc.

    7. By promoting New Talent participation at club and regional level through communication in newsletters and exposure of winners.

    8. By setting formalised standards for judges and judging

    9. By designing a new logo, using a signature tree with history pertaining to bonsai in SA.

    10. By engaging with clubs and regions on inclusions and amendments of the Constitution.

  5. Action Plan

    1. Protocols for nomination, voting and election procedures                OE

    2. Protocols for 

      1. Social Media Engagement                                                         CH

      2. New Talent                                                                                 HF

      3. Lifetime Achiever                                                                      ALL

      4. Judges and judging                                                                     CH

      5. Scoresheet for Photographic Competition                                 ALL

      6. Scoresheet for New Talent                                                         HF

    3. Market survey (done), target non-clubs.                                           ALL

    4. Draft social marketing plan                                                               CH

    5. Source sponsorship for conventions, “spreading the load”               OE

    6. Invite formal media to conventions, events, etc.                               CH

    7. Policies for judging procedures of New Talent                                 HF

    8. Work on new logo.                                                                            ALL

    9. Round Robin and review constitution and protocols.                       ALL

  6. Long term goal (After 2020)

    1. Host a world convention

    2. Become a respected world association

What you can do for SABA?

Be loyal as we are growing!

Take part in activities: National and mini conventions, digs, competitions etc.

Send regional articles, happenings, show details and pictures to the E-zine editor and web master to be published. We all want to know what is happening around us It is a great way to share knowledge.

Spread information and communicate between members!

Keep your club’s administrative information updated with the SABA secretary.

Don’t let the secretary always have to chase.

Respond promptly to circulars requesting information.

Make recommendations for the improvement of SABA

Please discuss your gripes or dislikes with us direct as this is the only way problems can be resolved.

Volunteer your services and support when assistance is asked for.

Please make certain that all club members are informed at all times of what is happening in SABA

Support and loyalty will let SABA grow, which in turn will increase all benefits!

Ask your club or society to join today!!

Individuals also welcome