SABA Quarterly Newsletter (24th February 2020)
Good day to you all,
First newsletter for the year. I hope you all had a great start to the New Year and that your trees are doing well.
Feedback from the previous newsletter. We asked for feedback from the clubs as to what SABA can do for you. We received feedback from two clubs of which one was very interesting and feedback will be given at the AGM in Durban.
The next item was the Bonsai (photo) competition document that had been sent out for feedback to the clubs. Once again we only received two reply’s. This will also go forward to the AGM for discussion and approval.
The next document sent to the clubs is the Disciplinary Code. Please read through it and give EXCO your feedback.
The rest of the documents will follow. We have quite a few that need to be completed. We need the clubs to assist EXCO and return the documents ASAP.
Regarding the person that will represent South Africa at the WBFF convention in Australia, as you know, Antony Smith was nominated. We are still waiting to hear from ABA who will be representing ABA, if it is Antony or somebody from the rest of Africa. The convention will take place on the 14-17th October in Perth.
Once again I would like to ask the clubs/regions to please provide us with your year program. I can then add parts of it in the newsletter as seen below and then visitors who are on holiday and want to visit a club or show know when and where it is happening.
Then a reminder that Durban Bonsai Club will be hosting the mini convention in 2020. We are still waiting for feedback from Durban regarding the date and venue.
Enjoy your Bonsai and keep EXCO updated on events.