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SABA is the official South African Bonsai representative with membership to ABA (African Bonsai Association)
which in turn is a member of the WBFF (World Bonsai Friendship Federation)

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Bonsai clubs from all over South Africa

Bonsai clubs from all over South Africa are members of SABA and currently there are in excess of 25 clubs belonging to the association. Details of these clubs and non-member clubs can be found under the “Clubs” page if you are interested in joining one of these clubs. You can also become a member of SABA in your individual capacity. Bonsai Shops and Nurseries can also be found under this heading.

SABA is governed by a constitution Documents and President Org Exley an Executive Committee which is appointed at the AGM by the members.

The current Executive Committee is:

  • President Org Exley
  • Vice President Vacant
  • Treasurer John Hecht
  • Secretary Tola Smit
  • Additional Member Carl Morrow
  • Additional Member Dawn Collier
  • Additional Member Vacant

A monthly photo competition is run on the website where members of member clubs can enter photos of their bonsai which is then voted for by all on the website with the final verdict on determining the respective winners lying with President Org Exley an executive committee.

SABA arranges Mini or Major Conventions annually, which rotates on a yearly basis, which is hosted by either a region or a club who is affiliated to SABA and which can be attended by anybody interested in bonsai.

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Western Cape


CRAB Dawn Collier 076 529 7848 blaauwbergbonsaikai@gmail.com

Western Cape

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree Terry Erasmus 082 890 7927 info@bonsaitree.co.za Bonsai Tree